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Compassionate, knowledgeable and assertive Japanese lawyer (attorney) for any Family Law matters under Japanese law. International divorce or international Family Law issues require ability to handle conflict of law rules and cooperation with lawyers in another jurisdiction.


Eriko Matsuno, Esq., will devote herself to your complicated case with the utmost compassion and diligence and strive for the best interests of clients.

Japanese Divorce

Japanese divorce procedures are very different from other advanced countries. However, foreign nationals must be careful to proceed and need to be informed of the legal effects of each of them. Please consult us for your specific international divorce concerns for a free 1-hour consultation.

Custody /
Parental Rights

The parental rights, shinken in Japanese, are very problematic legal concepts in Japan since the civil laws as to custody and parental rights are very old and out-of-date. The relevant precedents and current family court practices are important to solve the custody disputes for our clients.

Child Abduction

In Japan, parental child abduction occurs frequently due to lack of regulations. Please note that the parental abductions are not considered a criminal offence in Japan when it happens at the time of commencement of separation. It would be unbelievable for foreigners that lawyers even recommend or support such actions at such times in order to secure the parental rights after divorce since Japanese laws award the sole custody to one parent for all the cases regardless of the relationship between parents and children. Quick and correct measures should be taken to get children returned or to see children so abducted.

Property division

In the Japanese property division system upon divorce, a variety of court precedents have been established and the expertise of lawyers is necessary to achieve a reasonable solution at the court mediation, or trial or for the paper divorce (kyogi rikon, divorce by an agreement). Disclosure of information is very important and it would be the expected work of Japanese divorce lawyers.

Maintenance/Child Support

In Japan, the parent must pay the child support after divorce and the payment terms must be agreed upon divorce. If the agreement is not to be made, the family court will decide how much the non-custodial parent must pay. Please receive more information on this useful site. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a free 1-hour consultation.

International Divorce Case

In the case of an international marriage, the divorce is extremely complicated since the governing laws may not be Japanese laws, and jurisdiction may not be the Japanese courts.

In addition, the language of relevant evidence may not be Japanese. The assets of the couple may be located outside Japan. There should be expertise of lawyers expected by clients facing a divorce in Japan. Please consult us for your specific international divorce concerns for a free 1-hour consultation.


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