How is child support decided?

When the parties cannot agree on the divorce itself, or when they agree on the divorce itself but cannot agree on the child support and therefore cannot agree on the divorce, the mediation process is started with the aim of divorcing, and when agreement is not reached through mediation, the case advances to the adjudication procedure. In that context, the parent that is attempting to win parental rights can petition for post-divorce child maintenance expenses in the form of a divorce lawsuit, and a child support decision will be made together with decision about the divorce.
Expenses during the marriage are handled as an issue of marriage expenses. Therefore, a lawsuit is opened to divide marriage expenses. Please see the section that covers separation.
When petitioning for child support after divorce, the petition for child maintenance expenses division is formulated as a caset. The petitioning party can select either mediation or adjudication procedure. Mediation is normally initially chosen. This is because a party bringing an adjudication procedure will be told by the court to mediate first. In many cases, an adjudication procedure cannot be advanced unless mediation is started.
In cases where child support payments are wanted as soon as possible for some reason, it is suitable to begin an adjudication procedure, then use a procedure known as pre-trial temporary injunction before the procedure. This is called “pre-trial temporary payments,” and it is a system under which a plaintiff can obtain a court order for immediate payment of a certain amount of child support payments, e.g.“Defendant is ordered to pay Plaintiff nn yen by the last day of each month, from [day, year] until the Court decision on docket number nnnnnn-year.” If you are struggling, please consider using this system.

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