What are the property division procedures under Japanese divorce related laws?

1) When agreement is reached:

It is discussed at the same time as the divorce, or property division
can be made separately from the divorce within two years thereafter.

2) When agreement cannot be reached:

A request is usually made for family mediation for discussion to agree
to the terms.
Jurisdiction of such mediation is a family court agreed between the
parties or the family court which is near district where the other
party resides.

When agreement cannot be reached by mediation, the terms of division
is adjudicated and the family court makes a decision. Because property
division petition rights are valid for only two years after a divorce,
the petitioning party must be careful to commence the mediation and
adjudication procedures within two years after the divorce.

If the trial for a divorce is commenced, the property division terms
can be heard by the court as one matter covered in the trial and the
court decision will cover the property division terms.

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