What is child support?

Child support is the expenses required to raise the minor child until he or she becomes independent as an adult.
It is not explicitly recognized as such in the provisions of the Civil Code of Japan or any other Japanese family law , but it can be considered a responsibility shared by the husband and wife based on the text of other provisions such as those related to the division of responsibilities for marriage expenses. The responsibility for child support is not held at the maximum possible limit, but is a duty to pay the required amount of money according to means (even if there is nothing left over). This is called the duty to maintain standard of living under Japanese family law.
“Duty to maintain standard of living” means “duty to provide the amount of support that enables approximately the same standard of living as the parent enjoys. It is not a duty that can be described as “a duty to support the other person’s standard of living at the minimum level, limited to the amount that will not sacrifice one’s own standard of living. It is not to a duty to pay whatever the parent has left over, but is an amount that absolutely must be divided and allocated to the child no matter what, even if it means giving half a bowl of porridge or half a slice of bread, if that’s all there is.

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